The most beautiful mountain villages in Spain

Although during this time of year most of us take advantage to enjoy the coastline, others, however, prefer to discover areas mountainous that, in addition to being cooler, allow you to enjoy the tranquility and silence, two characteristics impossible to find on most Spanish beaches during this time of year.

As the other day we already told you about the most beautiful coastal towns in Spain, today we want you to know some of the populations most beautiful mountain. Would you like to join us?

Zahara de la Sierra, Cádiz

Zahara de la Sierra
Cádiz is widely known for its beaches, as it is home to some of the most beautiful in Spain. Of course, it should not be forgotten either that in this Andalusian province the White Villages Route, which crosses the Sierra de Cádiz. One of the towns that you can visit on this route is Zahara de la Sierra, which is located inside the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. Declared a Historic Site, this town has its origin in the Muslim period, of which it preserves the urban framework, the castle, the Homage Tower and some sections of the wall.

Torla, Huesca

In the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, at an altitude of 1,033 meters, is one of the most picturesque villas in the area Pyrenean. The town is surrounded by five peaks that reach 2,848 meters and the slopes of the mountains are covered with thick pine forests. The church stands out from its urban core, clustered on a cliff, from where you can see the Broto Valley and the mass of Mondarruego. Its streets are steep, with flagstones and boulders, and the characteristic chimneys of this area of ​​the Aragonese Pyrenees stand out from many houses.

Beget, Girona

From Huesca we moved to Girona, where we found the beautiful and picturesque town of Beget. Located at an altitude of 541 meters, the town is gradually formed over the river, which is crossed by two bridges. medieval They are kept fairly well preserved. Among its stone streets we find wonders such as the Church of San Cristóbal, which dates from the 10th century and is one of the most beautiful Romanesque buildings in the area. Here is the Majesty of the Altarpiece of the High Altar, a 12th century carving two meters high considered to be one of the most beautiful Romanesque figures in Catalonia.

Cangas de Onís, Asturias

Cangas de Onis
Another town that can not miss on this list is Cangas de Onís, one of the gates of the Picos de Europa. First capital of Asturias, it offers some landscapes really spectacular. And although it is not located at a great height, it gives the impression of being a high mountain town. And it is surrounded by high peaks. Among its most important monuments stands out the Church of the Holy Cross, from the 8th century, in addition to the Roman bridge that, in fact, was built during the reign of Alfonso XI. On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that Cangas de Onís is a good place from which to ascend to the Covadonga Sanctuary and the Ercina and Enol lakes.

Ronda, Malaga

We finish our tour of the most beautiful mountain villages in Spain in Malaga, specifically in the town of Ronda. Without a doubt, the most surprising thing about this beautiful town is its location. And it is that its urban area is divided by the Tajo del Ronda, a gorge that has more than 150 meters of depth. As it could not be otherwise, the old town is declared a Site of Cultural Interest, something that is not surprising, since it contains reminiscences of the different towns that inhabited these lands: Celts, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs ...

We are aware that we have left many beautiful towns in the inkwell, so do not hesitate to propose other mountain towns that are worth discovering.

Below you can see the location of each of these towns in the google map maps.

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