Tips for traveling gluten free

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If you are a person with certain intolerances, planning your vacation will take a little extra time. Today we will focus on tips for traveling gluten free, and it is that celiacs must take into account a series of previous aspects when organizing a trip. First of all, the most important thing is that at all, at no time, does this become a limitation. Solutions exist everywhere. That nothing, and less this, conditions your desire to enjoy your dream destination.

Previous information

Before making the trip it is good that you investigate those places where you can eat. If the hotel you have booked is gluten free You will not have any problem, if they do not have specifications in this regard you can contact them to explain that you are celiac and check what options they offer you. Today there are many hotels that have alternatives For your breakfasts, gluten-free bread, pastries, they prepare your food in clean oil ... Don't worry about a thing, just enjoy yourself. Also, investigate restaurants or places where they have gluten-free products so you do not waste too much time when you reach your destination.

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Your suitcase

An emergency kit in your suitcase never hurts. Some cookies, some bread or whatever you feel like. It never hurts and it is better to heal in health in case you reach your destination It will take you to find a supermarket that has gluten-free things. Are the "For cases" celiac.

Cards in different languages

As a celiac and lactose intolerant, I tell you one of the things that has helped me the most in my trips: cards in other languages. There are web pages where you will find some small texts written in different languages where it is explained that you are celiac and everything that entails (what you cannot eat, how they have to cook it, etc). I have used them and I recommend that you have some printed on your bag during the trip, they help a lot.

Share information

On the Internet you will find a lot of information that other people share about their own trips, with places where you can find that wonderful gluten-free cake or the best Italian pizza for celiacs. Check blogs and forums, make recommendations or ask specific questions. And also share your own experiences. Everything helps.

Coping with the gluten-free diet – practical tips for the whole family (December 2021)

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