Activities in Suriname

Filled with a wide variety of tropical fauna and wildlife, Surinam It is a perfect place to spend a few days on vacation, which is often overlooked. Its fascinating culture adds further appeal to the region. Paramaribo, with its ancient architecture, is also one of the most attractive areas in the region. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of water sports, ecotourism and explore plenty of areas. Here's a little list of activities that you can do in the area:

- River walks
The rivers in Suriname are like roads leading inland. The walks by the river will allow you to enjoy an exotic experience while you exercise a lot. Tourists have the opportunity to stroll aboard canoes or small river cruise ships. Some of the most popular cruises are Nickerie and Paramaribo.

- Kayak and Rafting
For adventure lovers, the rivers of Suriname provide excellent opportunities for kayaking or rafting. Its crystal clear waters in the middle of the rain forest favor the practice of this type of activities.

- Diving
Lake Van Blommenstein located in the Brokopondo district is a must for all those who want to go diving. Beneath the crystal clear waters of this artificial lake are railroad tracks and other signs of past civilizations.

- Turtle watching
Suriname is home to a large number of turtles. Especially you should visit the Galibi nature reserve, located to the east. This reserve has four species of turtles in danger of extinction.

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