Grand Canyon of the Colorado: all you have to see

Grand Canyon
One of the biggest attractions of U.S is he Grand Canyon of the Colorado. Typically, you tend to visit when you go to Las Vegas because it's pretty close. However, it is worth going through on its own. And it has a lot to do, even if it seems otherwise. Besides, it is quite wide and it is quite a show to enjoy its different areas and tour the 446 kilometers long in order to see all its splendor and the different views of its between 1,500 or 1,600 meters deep from their viewpoints. And what is there to see there? A lot of things. Not surprisingly, it is considered one of the natural wonders of the world.

The parts

One of the main attractions of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado is to see the different ways Y colors of the stones. But you have to be careful. Typically, viewpoints and tourist access areas are delimited because touring the Grand Canyon of the Colorado can be dangerous.

In fact, every year there is some death from clueless or for wanting get too close to the precipice. And it is that, in reality, it is stepping on a great plain, but the flat land has just abruptly right on the edge of the precipice.

With that said, let's talk about three zones in which it is more frequent to visit the canyon, taking into account its four cardinal points. One of them is the western part, known as West Rim or Grand canyon west. This is normally the access area for people ranging from Las Vegas because it is the closest point.

This part is very curious because it is the property of the Hualapai Indian tribe. But it is not the only thing for which it is well known. And, here, there is also the lookout Skywalk, which is characterized by having the soil of crystal on a 1,300 meter high cliff to observe its depth and the many, and at the same time incredible, cliffs and narrows.

However, the landscapes most spectacular are in the southern area, known as South Rim. This part of the canyon, located in the National Park, has a higher altitude, reaching 2,100 meters.

The peculiarity of this area is that you can enjoy pleasant temperatures when you are in the high part while, if you travel along the river, things change because in summer you can reach the 45 degrees centigrade. We must not forget that the climate is desert.

In South Rim, where the best views are found, you should not forget to go to the lookout Desert view and the Vigia tower of the Anasazi Indians –It is an emulation-, because it is where you can see the start of the Grand Canyon. Inside the tower, there is a store to buy souvenirs, although it is also possible to buy souvenirs at other points such as the visitor center.

And finally there is the part of North Rim which generally tends to be the less visited, but it is also interesting because the landscape changes, since it is usually covered with snow being the area highest of the canyon. This means that it can only be visited between May and October because its roads remain closed. However, from a distance, you can see all snow in the winter season.


There are many tourists who only go to one part of the canyon because they do not have much time on their trip. However, if you can, it is convenient run it all and make some activities how to see it from the helicopter.

But, in addition, it is possible to do trekking. The route options are diverse, although the best known with those called Bright Angel Y South Kaibab. In this case, it is always important calculate well the weather because there is no time to go down and up on the same day to the bottom of the Canyon and reach the river.

And another option is to do rafting by the river, which is possible in quieter areas, although there are also waters plus brave depending on the knowledge of this sports practice and the desire for adventure.

These are options to consider and that demonstrate that seeing the Grand Canyon of the Colorado is not a matter of a morning or afternoon - by the way, the views are better at sunset- but it is preferable to spend more than one day enjoying its spectacular landscapes and an unparalleled site.

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