Abandoned towns for sale

Buy a town Everything is possible and the prices are not exorbitant, some are even worth less than a flat. Some real estate developers try to break through in a new sector where there are more than 500 abandoned villages.

For example, the people of Lacasta, in the province of Zaragoza, was put up for sale two years ago for 189,000 euros. In Ocónuelo de Ocón (La Rioja), eleven buildings in the urban area and 5,000 square meters of land were also offered in exchange for 176,000 euros.

It is important to know that any nucleus of population, even if it is uninhabited, is made up of private and public goods. However, there is the possibility of buying several properties in a village, even buying them all, but there will always be public areas with municipal jurisdiction that are not for sale because they belong to everyone.

A success story was that of the prestigious chef Alain Ducasse, who acquired a small urban complex in Bidarray (France) and rebuilt all the properties to open a hotel. Since then, the old houses serve as accommodation and the largest of them, as a reception and restaurant. It is clear that these types of projects require a lot of money but can be very profitable.

Sometimes, the residents of a village themselves are the ones who start buying some houses and end up becoming the only ones village owners. This allows them to have more space, more land and a better quality of life in a natural environment.

Abandoned Ghost Towns No One Wants To Buy For Any Price (September 2023)

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