Travel to Punta Arenas in Chile

At the time of choose a destination For your vacations you will find thousands of options all over the world, and although we all have our places that we want to visit, sooner or later you have to find one that is more unknown. When you visit a country you always tend to visit its capital or the most famous cities, but the truth is that there are others that are less known and that are also worth knowing.

One of these cities unknown to most travelers is Punta Arenas, in Chile, so you can take advantage of your trip to this country to get to know it. This city has a great military past and was the main port between the Pacific and the Atlantic, being located in the south of the country, in the Magallanes and Antarctic region. It is also the capital of that region.


The weather in Punta Arenas It is quite good, with a temperature of around 17ºC on average which is around 6ºC in winter and up to 30 in summer. It is important to know that polar waves do occur from time to time, which can cause temperatures to drop below 15 degrees below zero. If you go in winter, it is important that you take this into account in order to prepare for it. Regarding the economy, the sectors that contribute the most to the city are the maritime, commerce, services, livestock, fishing and hydrocarbons.

Places of interest

Punta Arenas is a city where you can appreciate the European influence on its architecture, especially the Spanish one. The must-see places are some like the Fort Bulnes, Cerro de la Cruz, Casino Dreams, the Nao Victoria Museum or the Main Square. The city is not very big so in a couple of days you can see it whole, taking it easy and also enjoying other aspects such as its local gastronomy in one of its many bars and restaurants.

Traveling to and Exploring Punta Arenas, Chile (June 2021)

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