Sharing vacations with friends

Sharing vacations with friends It can be a great experience, but sometimes living together can be an unforgettable nightmare. To avoid this, keep these tips in mind. Surely if everyone does their part, traveling with friends will be a pleasure.

Bet on consensus decisions, that are not authoritarian. We are usually used to family vacations where the mother, father, or both coordinate the trip. But in the holidays with friends, if someone assumes that role, it is possible that it hinders the coexistence. The holidays belong to everyone, therefore it is necessary to meet to make consensual decisions, to make everyone happy and feel part of the group.

It will be essential to maintain a flexible and open attitude. Try to be supportive to guide coexistence on the right path. Encourage both you and your friends to be open to other options and don't forget that vacations are a mutual commitment to enjoy. Failure to share the same values ​​and criteria when contributing money for common expenses, is often the cause of multiple discussions or conflicts. But what cannot be is that some finance the rest of the vacations and others that return home with "their pockets full". Don't let it happen. It is better to make a forecast and have everyone contribute the same share for safe group expenses such as room and board.

Make sure everyone has some freedom. It is a mistake to think that on a trip with friends you should be together all the time. If someone does not feel like going out or prefers to stay at the hotel resting, it is your choice. The key is to strike the necessary balance between sharing with your friends and not feeling compelled to do something you don't want to do.

On the other hand, it is vital to maintain the order of personal and common spaces. We all know that it is something that nobody likes, but if everyone participates cleaning what they have dirty it will be much easier. Keep your belongings in the suitcase so they don't get mixed up. Encourage shared responsibilitiesCoexistence in this context involves household chores: shopping, cooking and cleaning, taking out the garbage and arranging the house. Divide the mentioned tasks in a consensual and equitable way, but the most important thing is that everyone commits to fulfill them.

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