Rock tour through the Ariège region

The l’Ariège valleySurrounded by spectacular mountains, over time, it has managed to preserve its rich historical tradition in a wild but accessible environment. Its extension covers part of the Pyrenees central, culminating its altitude at the peak of Status, at 3,143 meters.

This region has numerous tourist attractions: from the most important prehistoric caves in France to castles from medieval times. In the center of the region, Foix stands out powerfully for its castle nestled in a rock. The villa also offers the visitor many charms: the old town, remains of the medieval times, cultural events and a wide variety of services and shops.

About 37 kilometers from Foix, the beautiful city of Mirepoix, built between the 13th and 15th centuries, houses one of the cathedrals most beautiful in France.

Rock art

Grotte de Niaux. In the Vicdessos valley, this grotto houses one of the best rock painting collections in all of France. Between 12,000 and 14,000 years back, the artists of prehistory captured their art in the form of figures of horses, deer, bison and goats. The great circular room of the Salon Noir stands out notably for its magnificent state of preservation, showing the splendor of Magdalenian art.

Parc Pyrénéen de l’Art Préhistorique. It is a complex that recreates several of the most important grottos, transporting the visitor to a distant past, through the darkness of its rooms. To make the visit, each tourist is provided with an infrared helmet and headphones, which will serve as a guide. Located in the vicinity of Tarascon.

Grotte de la Vache. There are vestiges of human presence from the Magdalenian era such as weapons, bones, sculptures and tools. It is located one kilometer from Niaux.

Grotte de Bédeilhac. Located about six kilometers from Tarascon, this huge grotto has a large number of stalagmites and animal drawings on its walls.

Grotte de Lombrives. It houses a large cave of more than 100 meters, called La Cathédrale, and the tour is done by a small train.

Grotte de Mas d’Azil. Close to Foix, this grotto is divided into smaller ones and its entrance is a huge tunnel. The remains of tools, bones and carved stones are numerous.

Rivière Souterraine de Labouiche. It is an underground river of more than five kilometers in length, close to the town of Foix. A boat tour will show us the beauty of its illuminated stalagmites and stalagmites.

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