Travel to Merida in Yucatan

A getaway to Mexico will allow us to choose a city like Merida in the southern state of Yucatan to spend an unforgettable vacation. The city, which was founded in 1542 by a Spanish contingent, today maintains the Spanish legacy along with its Mayan heritage, which makes it a unique and attractive city. The mix between modernity and history is impressive.

Today Mérida is a strong city, with a typical modern architecture of great city but it also has monuments that reflect its quality as a Spanish city from the colonial era. It is also a city where many events take place and where you can visit a lot of museums. A tour of the city of Merida will allow us to admire the Cathedral of San Idelfonso the first cathedral of intercontinental America.

Knowing his musical legacy will not be difficult if you can visit his Yucatecan song museum. The weather in this area of ​​Mexico is usually warm, so summer is a perfect occasion to visit Mérida, so you can enjoy long walks under the warm rays of the sun, although you can “come across” some unexpected rains. The temperature Average is 25 ° C.

If you like food mexican you will like the one in Merida. You should not think that you will find a similar gastronomy. The cuisine of this Mexican environment really differs from that of the rest of Mexico, it is more mestizo due to its Mayan, Spanish and Caribbean influence. I'm sure you really enjoy your holidays in Merida.

Merida Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (May 2022)

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