8 European capitals that you will fall in love with

Preparing your next travels? You do well! Life is short and you have to do everything possible to travel the world to enjoy unforgettable experiences.

If you want to start with the most basic without leaving Europe, you should visit each and every one of the European capitals that we mention below, since all of them are full of reasons why it is worth taking a plane ticket to fly with all the illusion in the world. Shall we start?

1- Madrid

You have to sweep home, right? Madrid is a city that is in the crosshairs of millions of tourists year after year. It is not necessary to sell the motorcycle to anyone to convince them that the capital of Spain has everything to offer a unique stay. At a cultural and architectural level it surprises you, the same can be said of its gastronomy. Places like Casa Lucio make it worth traveling hundreds or thousands of kilometers in search of something new.

2- Amsterdam

No need to be fond of marijuana tourism to want to visit Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands is one of the most open cities in Europe, in addition to being young and with a innovative spirit that attracts many entrepreneurs. And not only that, but it also has an endless number of points of interest that you must taste without haste.

3- Budapest

It is not the most glamorous capital of Europe, but that does not mean that we have to put it aside. The charm of the Hungarian capital goes beyond the beauty of the Danube river. It is the land of kings and this can be seen in its streets, where there are buildings that speak of the heritage left by aristocrats and intellectuals of the time. Their ruin bars They are an attraction that coexists with a classic: the thermal baths.

4- Prague

It is another of the European cities that everyone plans to visit sometime in their life. Whoever does it does not regret it, since the capital of the Czech Republic is a great city that enchants you with music, opera and dance. Culture is guaranteed in all kinds of venues where tickets are available to anyone, and whoever does not want to pay is always in time to taste a good book in one of their legendary coffees.

5- London

For many it is their favorite, and that is something that is not surprising considering the many leisure options offered by the capital of England. Without going any further, it occupies the first position in the ranking of cities with the most bars in the world. There are not a few neighborhoods that fall in love and there are not a few plans that you can carry out to squeeze it. So you can't go to London for a weekend. You must go minimum one week.

6- Paris

Paris France
If I had to choose the most beautiful capital in Europe, I would have no doubts. For me, Paris is ahead of all, and for the record, I'm not just saying it for the Eiffel Tower, which without a doubt is one of the most spectacular monuments in the world. Its streets are full of magic and you can delight in all kinds of monuments and buildings that speak volumes about its beauty. It is a city to which I would return enchanted every year.

7- Rome

Rome Italy
Past, present and future. Rome is a city with a brutal historical heritage, with a number of grounds numerous enough to pack and leave. Also, who doesn't want to taste a good pizza or an authentic pasta dish? Rome makes you fall in love with your eyes and your mouth.

8- Edinburgh

As a lover of Scotland, I couldn't leave Edinburgh, its capital, off this list. It is a very complete city that captures you for its legends, but also for the presence of its castle, which you will reach on foot along the Royal Mile, which is the main street. From its fairytale castle, and from other points of the city, you will be able to contemplate privileged views. In addition, you can consider activities of the most diverse like having a coffee in The Elephant House (where J.K. Rowling shaped Harry Potter) or live the Scotch Whiskey Experience to learn how the famous liquor is prepared.

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