Stay in a jail during your vacation

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There are many people who, out of curiosity, would love spend a night in jail. In recent times it has become fashionable to convert old prisons into hotels, so to spend a night you should not commit any crime (a relief for everyone, starting with you). Currently there are several hotels that are in prisons, maintaining their structure as much as possible so that their guests can sleep in a cell, although with the maximum comforts.

One of the ones that strikes me the most is the Ottawa Jail Hostel, which is in the city of Ottawa, in Canada. If you are going to be there on your vacation, I recommend that you stay at least one night in this hotel, it will certainly be a unique experience, especially if you like prisons for any movie or series you have seen. Plus, there is plenty to see in Ottawa, so you can make the most of your trip.


The architecture of this prison is victorian style, built in 1862 and closed as such in 1970. Years after its closure, it underwent a major refurbishment and became the hostel it is today. The cells they are now rooms, and can be single, double or group. In addition, a suite was made in the security room so that you can have much more space if you wish. Of course, the layout is the same as that of the old jail, with all the rooms running throughout the gallery.

The hostel

In addition to the rooms, the hotel also has a community kitchen with several fridges so that each guest can store and cook their own food. Where the chapel used to be, there is now an arcade with various game consoles, board games, computers with internet connection and televisions. It also has several rooms and everything you need to comfortably enjoy a vacation ... in prison.


The hostel also has a small museum, the Carleton County Gaol Heritage Center. It is on the eighth floor, which is the only one that has not been renovated. There you can take several tours that tell the history of the prison, which by the way has several legends that affirm that it is an enchanted place. Do you dare to check it?

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