Ortigia, one of the most beautiful places in Sicily

If you have chosen Sicily As a destination for your summer holidays, I must tell you that you are in luck. You are because you will be able to enjoy an island that is full of attractions such as Etna. It has spectacular beaches, a lot of history and places as charming as Ortigia, to which I recommend you go if you have not yet planned your route.

History, beauty and good atmosphere

We are talking about an island that belongs to the city of Syracuse, so it is located in the southeast of Sicily. As soon as you put your feet there, you realize that it is a beautiful fortress that has little or nothing to do with cities such as the capital, Palermo, which does not stand out precisely for its elegance or for the respect for traffic signs by the drivers.

Clean streets, beautiful buildings and tranquility is what you will find in Ortigia. Of course, the latter is somewhat disturbed at night, when its streets are infected by the good atmosphere that is breathed in the many bars and restaurants that invite you to enjoy the evening.

Ortigia, which preserves a piece of the history of the Greeks, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans and Romans, has become the historical center of Syracuse, a city that currently has a population of around 400,000 inhabitants spread over its more than 2,000 square kilometers.

Immersing yourself in Ortigia is like immersing yourself in the typical coastal town where you would like to spend every day of your vacation. In fact, very close to Ortigia you will find Beaches as spectacular as Spiaggia di Eloro, Fontane bianche or Lido Arenella.

If you go through Sicily by car, either your own or a rental car, you should know that only residents can access the island of Ortigia with their car. That means you are going to have to park outside and cross the bridge, so be patient and find your parking space without despair.

Essential visits

One day will be enough for you to soak up the beauty of Ortigia. It is a small island that concentrates several points of interest, as is the case of the Syracuse Cathedral, the Temple of Athena, the Palazzo Beneventano del Bosco, the Palazzo Arezzo della Targia, the Palazzo della Sovrintendenza ai Beni Culturali and the Palazzo Chiaramonte. The Chiesa di Santa Lucia alla Badia, the Fuente de Diana or the Castello Maniace, which is located at the southernmost point, are also very good.

Anything else? Enjoy its gastronomy. You can delight yourself with the fish and seafood of the area, but also with the cheese and the sausage. And of course, you should treat yourself to some cannolo Y gelato.

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