The most beautiful beach in the United States

U.S It is a huge country where it is not difficult to find beautiful cities Y villages with a special charm. In addition, the fact of having thousands of kilometers of coastline also allows you to boast of spectacular beaches, as is the case of the one that concerns us in this article.

IMHO the most beautiful beach in America is on the Caladesi island, a Natural Park that can only be reached by boat from Honeymoon Island (about 15-20 minutes trip for $ 15 per person) or walking from Clearwater Beach.

White sand, turquoise waters and a lot of tranquility

Its crystalline waters, "painted" in various colors between green and blue to the delight of tourists, contrast with the soft sand White color that invites you to place the towel to enjoy the show.

In the last virgin island of the Gulf of Florida you can come across this preciousness for a limited time, since you cannot stay more than 4 hours on the island. It is a measure that was taken to prevent people from having enough time to dirty them, while wanting to avoid crowds.

You can take a relaxing bath or you can stroll along the shore contemplating the shells of different sizes that perch on the sand pushed by the sea. Whatever you do you will relax, since it is a heavenly place you will never want to leave.

Well equipped

Despite being a virgin place, do not think that you will not find services. There are toilets and showers, and you can even rent an umbrella or chair. In fact, there is even a small establishment that sells food and soft drinks to smother the heat. Of course, do not think of a very cold beer because the consumption of alcohol is prohibited on the island of Caladesi.

To finish, one last note that I think should not be overlooked. When the sun goes down mosquitoes They take action, so I recommend you bring some repellent to avoid arriving at the hotel with more than one bite.

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