How to travel to Britain in 2020 after Brexit

The year 2020 going to go down in history for the Brexit or exit from the United Kingdom from the European Union. Much has been said about the possible consequences that it may have for the economy due to trade relations in different sectors of activity, including tourism. And is that Spain is one of the main destinations for British tourists, while the country is also one of the great recipients of tourists Spanish people. However, the conditions do not only concern this tourist flow and its impact. They can also arrive at the time of travel and in formalities as easy as having to enter the United Kingdom with a passport instead of your ID. With Brexit, many doubts have been opened in this regard. And, here we are going to clear them so that, if you have to travel there, you know how you should do it.


Although Brexit has occurred, Spanish citizens can still travel to the United Kingdom. And besides, the good news in all this mess is that nothing will change until the December 31 this year because both the United Kingdom and the European Union open a transition period.

This means that, when traveling to the United Kingdom, documents what are you going to need be themselves. In this way, Spaniards traveling to this country will not need a visa to go on vacation or enjoy short stays.

It will be enough with him National identity document in force, it being planned that this document will be accepted at least until the year 2021. In addition, you can also enter with the biometric passport in the case of having it, being possible to use the electronic passport doors to access the United Kingdom in a faster way.

And another card that raises a lot of doubts with Brexit is the drive. And more or less the same thing happens with the DNI. That transition period has been established so that non-British driver's license holders can continue to drive no need stop the Excuse me of driving international.

And what about the health card and medical care? The answer is also very similar. In this case, the European sanitary card continues to be valid equally until year 2021 As minimum. Nor will those protected by the citizens' rights agreements concluded with Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland be altered for the time being.

However, although this health card is accepted, we must be very clear that it is not the same as a travel insurance, being recommended to travel to the country with two options.


Brexit neither has introduced changes regarding the different means of transport and their travel. Thus, it is possible to travel between the United Kingdom and the European Union –in this case Spain-, with the flights that have already been programmed, trains or ferries, among other options.

The Bookings through companies and travel agencies do not they have why get upset throughout this year 2020 because this transitional period that we have already discussed with the documentation also opens here.


And, if there is something that raises a lot of doubts when traveling to the United Kingdom, it is everything related to mobile phones and data. The calls, messages text and Mobile data going to Cost the same in the UK as in Spain as long as you have a SIM card issued by a mobile phone operator from a country of the European Union or the European Economic Area.


In the case of traveling with pets, the current standards. So you can enter the UK with the passport in force for pets of the European Union.

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