The Invisible Bridge of Moses in Holland

Holland It is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful European countries and that it has more to offer each visitor. Among the many constructions that you can see throughout the country, the Invisible Bridge, which is located on the fortress reservoir in Halsteren, bordering the famous Dutch 17th Century fort. A phenomenon that is not only unique in Europe but nowhere in the world is there a bridge like this.

Made of wood and environmentally friendly materials, it is integrated into the reservoir and creates a very original landscape. A pair of dutch architects They presented the project with this original design, something that by the way everyone has loved. Although it seems simple, the truth is that it cannot be built in any river or lagoon since the bridge would flood and if there were drought when the water disappeared, the bridge would be seen, something that does not happen in this case.

Its top edges are exactly the same water level, which means that when you see it from a distance you cannot appreciate that it is there. Being next to a castle is one of the most visited places in the country, and in fact more and more people want to go to that area to be able to cross the famous invisible bridge and to be able to practically walk on water. It is also called the Moses Bridge since all the tourists said that it seems that the water was separated so that people could pass.

Undoubtedly, the architects have given him imagination and they have also done it with great success. The famous invisible bridge was inaugurated less than 4 months ago but it did not take long to go around the world either.

Incredible Architecture The Moses Bridge (April 2023)

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