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Cleveland It is a city of great green parks, lively neighborhoods and historical buildings that sits at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River. When tourists arrive they are surprised to discover a vibrant center made up of different neighborhoods distributed in districts with a cozy urban atmosphere. Admittedly, its roots are undoubtedly more prosaic than those of New York, Los Angeles or Boston, but Cleveland has overcome its industrial past.

The city center is the main point around which the rest of the city sits. In the center of the historic downtown area is the public plaza; This is a European-style square made up of statues and fountains. The lake, which has benefited from the redevelopment of the area, is home to the fantastic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, which opened in 1995.

In the center is also the stadium, where tourists can enjoy a good game of baseball, the Cleveland Browns. In the same area you will find The Great Lakes Science Center and the Cleveland Clinic OMNIMAX Theater. In the center you can also enjoy a great and long day of purchases.

Warm summer days are ideal for enjoying the restaurants outdoors, although many tourists decide to eat in some of the beautiful green areas of the city. During the winter the most normal picture that visitors will find will be that of the snowy streets, so it is time to carry out more cultural activities such as going to the Opera.

Cleveland Travel Guide – One Local's Favorite Things To See, Do, & Eat (April 2024)

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