The antartida

The antartida It is located almost south of the Antarctic polar circle and it is the fourth largest continent after Asia, America and Africa. As you can imagine it is the coldest place on the planet, but it is also the driest continent (its average humidity is the lowest on earth) and contains a 70% of the planet's fresh water, curious isn't it?

It can only be visited during the austral summer, from November to February, and of the three regions into which it is divided, the Antarctic Peninsula It is the most accessible area due to its proximity to South America (approximately 1000 km).

If your journey begins in Spain, your first stop will be in Ushuaia, better known as the city at the end of the world. From there you will board the Fram, a great ship that after 2-3 days of travel and overcome the drake strait will arrive in Antarctica.

There you can visit the only traces of human life that you can find in the area, which are the scientific bases. From there you will make another scale in Deception Island, a volcanic bay that preserves the remains of an old whaling base and where you can see the friendly penguins playing, and the sea lions on a black sand beach.

Before you get to your next stop, Port Lockroy, you will be able to see the huge ghost ships rocked by the waves in the area not be afraid! Port Lockroy in a former British base, which is now a museum.

Next, you will enjoy the impressive views of the Cormorants Imperials plying icebergs in the Peterman Island. By the way, you will not be able to take a stone from the continent of memory, only the images and the memory of a unique trip.

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