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suitcase tips
Are you about to start your vacation? Do you have little left to return to the routine? In any case, if you have gone on a trip this summer or you plan to do so, you will have no choice but to do the bag, a task that can be a real tostón. And there are many things that must be taken into account. In addition, the most normal thing is that it does not close.

To make it easier for you, today Hard Hobbit To Break We are going to give you some very interesting tips for packing. Would you like to join us?

Make a list

At the time of packing the suitcase, many of us are putting what we consider appropriate into it without thinking about whether or not we are really going to need it. So our first tip is to make a list of what you are really going to need. As for clothing, a good idea is to choose garments that combine with each other to create looks different with few pieces. Logically, you should take into account what activities you are going to do there and the weather of the place. One of the great advantages of the list is that when it comes to packing your bag you will know whether or not you leave something.

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Start with what weighs the most

Once you have made the list, you can get down to business. What we recommend is that you put the heaviest and least wrinkle first, especially shoes. It is best to place them in the area of ​​the wheels so that, when lifting the suitcase, they are completely down. It is important that the shoes are stored in bags so that they do not mess the clothes although, yes, to take better advantage of the space you can put inside them socks, belts, cameras, chargers…. In addition, we recommend that you also place hygiene and beauty products at the bottom. In this way, if any one breaks or opens, it will be more difficult for the garments to stain. Of course, it is very important that you take into account the restrictions of the airports regarding liquid products and the weight of the suitcases.


Once you have placed the shoes (we recommend that you choose a few pairs, since they are the elements that take up the most space), you can start placing the clothes. A good trick is roll it up instead of folding it, since rolled garments take up less space and wrinkle less. It is important that t-shirts and shirts, which are the most wrinkled garments, are placed at the end. A good trick is to make the trip with the clothes and shoes that occupy the most, a look that you can reserve for the return trip. In this way, you will have more free space in the suitcase.

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By placing all the clothes you will surely have some gaps. Well, what we recommend is that you take advantage of them to introduce the accessories that you have not already placed on your shoes: gloves, scarves, umbrellas, underwear ... As for the chargers, you must roll them up well and, so that they do not get tangled or cost you to find them, you can store them in an eyeglass case.

Final tricks

Sometimes it is complicated, but it is important that you leave some free space in the suitcase, because the most normal thing is that you buy something at your destination. In addition, we recommend that you put some in your hand luggage basic, like underwear and a change. In this way, if you lose your suitcase at least you will have something to wear. It is also a good idea to put the most valuable or necessary things, such as the mobile charger, jewelry ...

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