The mysterious tomb of Newgrange in Ireland

Newgrange Ireland
In Hard Hobbit To Break We love to talk to you about mysterious and enigmatic corners, such as the Nazca Lines of Peru or the island of Por-Bajin in Siberia. If you are also interested in these types of places, it is better that you do not miss anything that we tell you below, because we are going to tell you about another of the most enigmatic places on the planet. We are talking about Newgrange, a huge tomb located in Ireland that, according to experts, was built around 3,200 BC.

Considered as one of the most important prehistoric sites in the country, there are still many unknown data about it: who built it, for whom was it built, why is it alienated in such a peculiar way…. Even so, next we are going to tell you everything that is known about Newgrange. Do not miss it!

The Boyne Valley

Newgrange is an impressive funerary monument belonging to the Boyne Valley complex (Brú na Bóinne), in the county of Meath, specifically about 45 kilometers from Dublin, the capital of Ireland. To visit the site, it is necessary to go first to the visitor center, where you can buy the ticket that includes the trip in a minibus and a guided tour. In addition, you can hire excursions from Dublin that will take you to the same interpretation center.

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Although, as we have commented on the principle, it is unknown who built the funerary monument and for whom it was created, what is clear is that it was a most advanced civilization both artistically and as an engineer. And it is that we are pulling a construction for which some 200,000 shades of stone were needed, which form a circle of 7 meters in diameter. The exterior of the building was lined with quartzite, although over the years this material deteriorated. So it was reproduced. Inside we can find a corridor about 17 meters long that ends in three small chambers. The vaulted ceiling is made of stones that are maintained without the need for other materials. One of the great curiosities of Newgrange is found at the entrance, which was apparently sealed with a stone.

Newgrange Ireland2

The sizes of the stones

On the other hand, we have to tell you about the carvings that decorate some of the stones both inside and outside, which apparently collect cosmological observations and astronomical. And it is that the movements of the sun were very important for the inhabitants of this area of ​​Ireland. Most of the decorations are spirals, although it is also possible to see circles, zigzag lines and diamonds.

Newgrange Ireland3

Winter Solstice

Although visiting this monument is spectacular at any time of year, there is a day when it turns out magical. We refer to December 21, that is, the day of the winter solstice, when light enters its interior in a super special way. During this day, a few lucky people enter the building to see how light begins to flood the chamber until it makes its way through all the recesses of the corridor. Without a doubt, it is a show that gives goosebumps. The bad thing is that to contemplate it you will have to participate in a raffle in which thousands of participants participate. The good thing is that all visitors have the opportunity to see a simulation of the solstice at any time of the year that is quite true to reality. Then we leave you with our Gallery, where you can see more images of this mysterious prehistoric structure located in Ireland. Do not miss it!

Newgrange and Knowth Tombs Co.Meath (February 2024)

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