The main sports and cultural destinations in 2020

In a few days it will begin 2020. A year that comes loaded with sports appointments Y cultural in different countries of the world, which are well worth a visit. And not just to attend these events. They are a good occasion to schedule trips and trips in order to know the localities in which they are celebrated or to visit the countries. And there are some that are a little far from Spain, but that will surely appear on the travel calendar. Here we make a summary of the main quotes so you can program the travel schedule.


One of the most anticipated dates in 2020 for all sports lovers and fans are the Olympic Games, which are going to be held in Tokyo. It is a good occasion to to visit is capitalas well as tour other lesser-known areas of Japan, but they are very charming and easy to get to from this city.

One of them is, for example, Tohoku, which is very well connected to the capital with the bullet train, which is one of the main elements that most attracts attention to tourists.

In addition, the 2020 Olympics are also a good framework to enter and learn about the Japan plus traditional to explore its beech forests, waterfalls, lakes and volcanic peaks. Besides, you can visit its thermal baths or onsens and small towns and samurai neighborhoodsThey are very well preserved.

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Of course, you cannot miss a tour of the temples from the 12th century and take the route distilleries to know first-hand how the sake, typical drink of the country and from whose production centers the best in the world comes out.


Continuing with sporting events, the tour takes us to Bilbao, a city that will host the matches of the Eurocup. Specifically, they will be four from them. In addition, this capital is the only one in Spain that hosts this championship. However, this sporting event will also lead to visiting and touring other towns such as St. Petersburg in Russia and Baku in Azerbaijan.

Staying within Spain, it is worth highlighting the attractions of Bilbao and the main tourist attractions such as the Guggenheim museum Frank Gehry and the famous dog from Jeff Koons, who is at his entrance.

The Old Town, which is closed to road traffic, is another good tour in this city in which you should not forget to visit the Santiago's cathedral, which dates from the fourteenth century. And, of course, you should not leave Bilbao without trying its gastronomy and the more than famous pintxos.


Leaving sports events aside, now it's time to talk about cultural events. And one of the most important will take place in New York with the celebration of 150th anniversary of the Metropolitan, which is considered one of the most outstanding exhibition centers worldwide.

For this celebration, the exposition Making the met, which can be visited from March 30 to August 2 and which includes more than 250 works of art. In addition, on March 2, will inaugurate the new gallery British design and decorative arts.

They are appointments that can be well accompanied by a travel through the ‘Big Apple’ to walk its streets with skyscraper, visit the Statue of Liberty, the Fifth Avenue or the Empire state, among other points of interest.


And this agenda with the main appointments closes with Germany, which hosts the celebration of the 250 years from Beethoven. For its commemoration, various activities and routes have been scheduled to discover the German destinations that most influenced in the composer, as well as the characters of the moment and the most important events that occurred at that time.

The figure of this genius is also disclosed from the point of view of his opinions about society and its international understanding, among other topics that are addressed in organized programs such as the Jubilee.

They are some of the options that can already be taken into account for this year 2020 to prepare the suitcases and set course for the favorite destination. Or who knows, maybe several of them.

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