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The city, has progressed rapidly since that time of the gold rush to become a vibrant place with great economic potential. It is considered the largest urban space in South Africa. Johannesburg It is the capital of the South African province of Gauteng. It was built on the richest gold reef in the world (they produced 40% of all world gold) but, it is all over, and the last of the Johannesburg mines depleted its luxurious precious metal in the 1970s.

It is located exactly 550 kilometers (344 miles) from the nearest port, on a vast inland plateau 1,700 m (5,700 ft) high. The weather Johannesburg is much softer and drier than most people expect. Occupies more than 1,600 square kilometers and it is one of the largest inland cities.

As you can imagine, it is full of underground tunnels through which the gold. Greener areas are recovering from mine construction and millions of trees have risen from the rubble. Inside the city you can find an unexpected setting made up of great Victorian architecture and huge new skyscraper of glass that have been built in recent years.

The government constantly maintains a housing construction program, especially in the surroundings, to end the countless shanties built around the city. The city has no middle ground: people are either incredibly rich or desperately poor.

24 hours in JOHANNESBURG, South Africa | Little Grey Box (May 2021)

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