The main cities of China

We liked the tour of the main cities of Mexico so much that we did the other day that today we want to do the same in another important and different country: the People's Republic of China. It must be borne in mind that today tourism has become one of the main keys to the development of the country, so the Government has decided to pave the way for foreigners who want to enter China. To do this, it will facilitate obtaining visas and make them longer. With this measure they intend to increase the number of visits from the Foreign and increase direct flights from other corners of the world.

Well, as from now and for the next few years traveling to the Asian country will be easier for you wherever you are, today we have decided to present you some of the cities that you should visit if one day you have the opportunity to visit China. Do you want to join us?


The first city that we have to talk to you about is Beijing, also known as Beijing. The capital of China has 12 million inhabitants and its main attraction is its urban center, where the Forbidden City is located, a magical place declared a World Heritage Site by the Unesco. Started by Emperor Yongle's order in 1404, it has 800 spectacular buildings, imperial thrones and impressive gardens. If you visit the city, you should not miss the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, Jingshan Park, Tiananmen Square, the Old Summer Palace, the White Pagoda, the Yonhehong and, a few kilometers from the city, the Great Wall and the Qing and Ming tombs.


Of course, the largest city in China is Shanghai, which has more than 20 million inhabitants and is considered its main center economic and financial. Among its main attractions we find the futuristic Pudong neighborhood, with emblematic buildings such as the Pearl of the East, the Jin Mao or the Shanghai Worl Financial Center; the legacy of the colonial era; the Huangpu River; the Maglev, which is the world's first magnetic levitation train; Yuyuan Gardens or Jade Buddha Temple.


If we take a tour of the main cities of China we cannot forget Lhasa, which is the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. As you can imagine, here you can soak up the culture Tibetan. In fact, "lhasa" means "sacred place where the gods live." If you visit the city you can not miss the Jokhang Temple, with a history of 13 centuries; the Potala Palace, former headquarters of the Tibetan Government and winter residence of the Dalai Lama; Barkhor Street; and the monasteries of Sera and Drepung.


Xi an
Capital of the Saanxi province, Xi’an is considered the political and economic center of the country's interior provinces and the northwest region. However, what most attracts the attention of the city is its importance in history. And it is here that 10 Chinese dynasties established their capital, among which those of Zhou West, Qin Han West and Sui Tang stand out. In addition, being one of the 4 oldest capitals in the world, it has very rich tourist resources. Without a doubt, the main attraction is its more than 6,000 terracotta warriors from the first Chinese emperor, although you cannot miss places such as the Great Goose Pagoda, the Huaqing Thermal Lagoon, the Hua Mountain, the Neolithic town of Banpo or the Muslim quarter , where you can visit the Great Mosque.

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