Four places you must visit in London

London It has great attractions that you should not miss. Before taking a trip to this beautiful city, it is highly recommended that you listen to the recommendations that other people who have already been there can make to you. Before going on a trip you can make a list of the most important places that you should visit. Some of these places They are:

- London Eye
Its 32 “capsules” carry around 10,000 people daily. Due to the shape of these capsules, the visitor can fully see London when it is on top. Tickets can be booked online, it will save you a lot of time. Don't forget the camera!

- Tower of London
It is the place where the Crown jewels are located. The Tower Bridge exhibit is also worth seeing. Architect Horace Jones and engineer John Wolfe Barry took 8 years in completing the bridge, which was inaugurated on June 30, 1894.

- Buckingham palace
It is the queen's official residence. The rooms are open to the public during the annual opening in the summer months. If you are visiting at another time of the year you can enjoy the changing of the guard that takes place during the week.

- Trafalgar Square
Lose yourself in one of the most emblematic areas of the capital. You will be able to admire the Nelson Column and the four statues of the huge lions. Feeding pigeons is discouraged, so don't be tempted. On the north side of the square you can visit the National Gallery and around the corner from St. Martin’s Lane is the National Portrait Gallery.

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