High-speed WiFi on Spanish planes

Wifi planes
If you are one of those who cannot live without being connected to the network, you are in luck. And is that from now on you can have Wifi high speed even in Spanish planes. Yes! Yes! As you are reading it!

At the moment there will only be four company Airbus Vueling which will have, throughout this year, high speed WiFi on board (20 Mbps), so that users will have the possibility of accessing a navigation service very similar to that available on the ground. Doesn't that seem incredible to you? We give you more details below!

Live TV and Eutelsat

Those responsible for making this considerable improvement in aircraft have been Live tv, a company chosen by Telefónica to install all the necessary equipment on board the aircraft, and Eutelsat, which is the provider of the satellite network and the mobile service that offers its service through the KA-SAT satellite, one of the only ones that is capable of granting a connection speed of 20 Mbps in mid-flight.

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A world of possibilities

With the introduction of high-speed WiFi in aircraft, a whole world of possibilities for travelers, who will be able to check and respond to email, update their status on social networks, be connected to news and events in real time… And until now, this type of data access was not possible over such short distances in Europe, such as a flight from Madrid to Barcelona.

Vueling will lay the foundation for on-board connectivity

With this agreement, Vueling will be the first European airline to offer high-speed WiFi, which will establish the bases of what the connectivity model will be like on board.

Don't you think a great idea?

Airbus A320 Wifi Vueling (September 2020)

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