Jumbo Stay, a curious hotel located on a plane

Jumbo Stay Hotel
Do you want to spend a different vacation? To achieve this, you will not need to travel to exotic destinations; You just have to choose one of the many hotels rare that are scattered around the world! Today we want to tell you about one of them. Do you want to meet him?

Its about Jumbo stay, the perfect hotel for aviation lovers that proves that sleeping on a plane in comfort is totally possible. Do you want to know what this curious Swedish hotel has to offer? Well very attentive!

A totally unique accommodation

This airplane-hotel is located at Stockholm Arlanda airport (42 kilometers from the city) and, as we have already anticipated, offers you totally unique accommodation. And it allows you to sleep inside a Jumbo Jet Model 747-200 built in 1976, an airplane that was operated by a Swedish airline.

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Sleeping in the plane cabin

The hotel has 31 peculiar rooms. Of course, his most curious room is the one located in the plane's own cabin. It is a suite room with wide views of the slopes of the airport. In addition, you can sleep in private rooms or following the "hostel" format. In late 2014, the company set up an observation deck on the left wing of the plane.

A special charm

After operating for Singapore Airlines and the legendary Pan Am company since 1976, in 2002 the Swedish company, which was its last owner, fell into bankruptcy, and the plane was converted into the amazing hotel that it is today. Without a doubt, the Jumbo Stay hotel is the ideal accommodation for those who are looking for a hotel with charm, special and different.

Then we leave you with our Gallery, where you can find the photographs they offer us from the hotel.

Secret rest cabin for pilots and flight attendants; Spare engine on Boeing 747 - Compilation (October 2022)

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