Asia: destinations to experience a different Christmas

The Christmas It is increasingly a date in which many people choose to make long trips taking advantage of the bridges that leave with the holidays to which some additional days of vacations are added. These are dates when not only travel to Lapland or destinations that can be defined as Christmas are chosen. There are also others options to live some different days. And, within them, is Asia. The continent offers many alternatives for these Christmas holidays. They are destinations that may seem strange because there are many areas of the continent where Christmas is not celebrated. Is a alternative for all those people who do not like this type of celebration or want to see different festivities. And it is that, some countries are westernizing, organizing celebrations in these dates in which they combine diverse cultures. It is an experience that, at least, must be lived once in a lifetime. And where to start? Here are some destinations and proposals.


China is a good option for all those who in these dates can enjoy some ten days on vacation, although shorter stays are also scheduled. In fact, at this time of year it is common for them to organize various programs and itineraries that, mainly, take you to visit various cities and points of interest in the country to know the best of China.

For example, trips usually include Beijing, as well as Shanghai Y Xi’an. Among the main attractions that are known and enjoyed is the bullet train to experience emotions, as well as private visits to the Great Wall.

The tour usually includes the main tourist attractions such as the Tian’anmen Square, which is considered the largest in the world and is in Beijing, as well as the old Qianmenn Street, which is a recently opened pedestrian street and whose main charm is found in its 570-year history.


Far East

Another good option to experience a different Christmas is to travel to the Far East. In this case, a cruise or go through the same cities through other means of transport.

The most common routes, especially if you opt for the cruise, lead to know the main points of interest of Singapore, Sihanoukville, Laem Chabang, Bangkok Y Koh Samui.

It is a good option because, in general, they are cruises that have many attractions such as hot tubs or swimming pools with retractable roofs or decks and that even have slides. This is how the enjoyment and the relax with tourism more cultural.

Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia are two destinations that are waking up every time more interest among travelers, in addition to being two countries that are also opening up more to tourism. In this case, it is recommended to take a 15 days because both countries have enough to see and visit.

Visits to Siem Reap, Saigon, Ben tre, Can Tho, Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hanoi Y Ha long, although the two countries offer multiple possibilities.


And finally, there is still another very attractive proposal to travel on these dates. This is Bangladesh. It is actually a country that do not it is very turisticbut it does have some attractive which are mainly related to shores his rivers among which are the most important from the Himalayas.

The visit is usually completed with mosques Y palaces from its capital, as well as boat tours of the rivers to observe in more detail the wild nature of the area. Of course, you cannot leave the country without seeing the architectural routes and archaeological remains What are they World Heritage.

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