Castle Combe, the most beautiful village in the Cotswolds

If you are a lover of United KingdomWhat you cannot do is simply visit London and little else. You have to go further to realize the beauty of a territory that is fortunate to have landscapes that seem straight out of a story.

One of them is the one that gives us Castle Combe, which IMHO is the most beautiful town in the Costwolds. I say this knowingly after completing a route that allowed me to see the best of the area, which by the way is spectacular.

A charming little town

Alone 350 inhabitants they enjoy the tranquility that is breathed in Castle Combe. Tranquility during certain months of the year, because in summer tourism shoots up and it is not so easy to walk through its streets without hearing noise, although luckily it is far from those towns that become unbearable in July and August.

The Times He ranked it as the second best town in the world on a list full of wonderful places. He took into account what I just commented on the tranquility that is breathed, but also the beauty of their houses and their medieval church.

Inspiration in every corner

Castle Combe was used to shoot some scenes of the movie "Doctor Dolittle", but not everything came out to ask for by mouth because of the rains and the discomfort of the residents, who threatened to boycott the recording. He was luckier Steven spielberg by betting on the town as one of the most important locations of the movie «Battle Horse».

Less problematic is everything that has to do with the literary. "Find Me A Spy, Catch me a Traitor" is a Raymond Austin book that focuses its action on Castle Combe, and I am convinced that it is not the only one. In addition, there will also be artists who will have been inspired by the beauty of its streets to unleash their creativity.


You can eat and sleep there

Parking is not complicated and you have where to buy souvenirs. Court Cottage Gifts, located in the heart of the village, is the place where you can get a souvenir. On the other hand, if you want to spend the night there you can do it in the Manor House Hotel, an amazing 5-star hotel where you can spend a night if you are willing to pay more than 200 euros and book well in advance.

What else can you see? The bridge through which you access the town, where photography is a must, and a couple of bars where you can taste some of the most typical dishes of the area.

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CASTLE COMBE, THE COTSWOLDS // Visiting the Prettiest Village in England (December 2022)

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