The best amusement parks in the Netherlands

When we go on vacation, we each have our tastes. There are those who want to spend much of their time on a beach, who prefer to visit museums, visit small towns, go to have fun at a theme park… Fortunately, there are millions of proposals around the world, which means that we will always find several destinations that are perfect for our vacations.

In Holland You will see that there is a great variety of places where you can enjoy different things, such as cities with incredible magic, charming villages, natural landscapes ... If you like amusement parks, in this country you will also find some places to spend a super fun day with family, friends or even in solitude, always relative since there will be many people there.

Efteling Park

It is one of the most famous and visited amusement parks in the country, and is also known as "The Elf Park." It is very close to the town of Tilburg, which is also worth visiting. It is one of the oldest in all of Europe since last year celebrated its 60th anniversary, and is perfect for both children and adults as it has many attractions and activities for both.

It has more than 60 hectares They are divided into four thematic areas, with many gardens, lakes, plants and trees that create a very special atmosphere. In addition to enjoying the attractions, every year a multitude of special events are held, such as workshops, concerts, plays ... It is open until 12 at night and admission costs 30 euros per person, although children under 4 do not pay .

Walibi Holland

It is another of the most famous Dutch parks, although much more modern than the previous one since it has been open "only" for 40 years. It is an educational theme park and very focused on agriculture, so it is perfect to learn many things while enjoying its attractions. There is the roller coaster vertiginous, high, fast and long of all Europe. The entrance costs 30 euros, a little less for children and those over 65. It is very close to Amsterdam so from there you have several transportation options to go.

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