Malapascua Island in the Philippines

In Philippines There are countless islands and spectacular beaches where you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation, each with its characteristics so that you can be in the one that best suits your needs or what you fancy for your days off. If you want to experience strong emotions and you like diving, on the island of Malapascua you will find a true paradise.

This island, which can also be written Bad easter, is in the Visayas Sea, very close to the island of Cebu, another of the very famous Philippine islands. The truth is that this island is very small, measuring 2.5 kilometers long and one wide, but perhaps that is why it is so wonderful, for being very intimate and quiet. It is a perfect island to relax and enjoy the silence and peace that you do not find if you live in a city.

The island

The inhabitants of the island call it Logon, which is his original name and the one known now is the one he received from the Spanish conquers in the sixteenth century. Their name is Malapascua because these conquerors arrived there on December 25, and since they were sad to be away from their families on such an important day, they decided to call the island that way.


The marine fauna that can be found on this island is really spectacular and very rich, highlighting the hammerhead shark, the whale shark or the fox shark, which is not very common to find. The blanket is another very characteristic marine species in this area, and there are also many beautiful coral reefs that are home to many other species.


As expected, the beaches of Malapascua are idyllic and paradisiacal, with lots of palm trees and coconut trees, fine white sand and sun loungers to relax and get away from it all. Although it is a very small island, there are several hotel resorts with all kinds of luxuries and amenities to make your vacation unforgettable. In the waters of the island there are many very rich depths, so the diving it is the king sport.

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