5 gothic jewels to visit in Spain

Make a Travel to Spain It involves good planning, whether your visit is from another continent or from it. Therefore, it is important to be clear about the places we want to visit, in addition to the costs of each of these places that we have in mind to know.

An inevitable stop is always going to be at the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona, ​​which although it is not 100% Gothic, keeps elements of this current worth admiring. Apart from this gem of Barcelona, ​​I recommend below 5 gothic cathedrals from Spain you can't miss. To make your trip more comfortable and pleasant, I advise you rent a car in Madrid, either to get to know the neighboring towns or to go to the cities that offer other tourist and cultural attractions, since on many occasions public transport fails to reach some interesting corners.

1. In Toledo

You just need to be a great admirer of architecture, art and culture to visit this cathedral. On the main facade are the three most emblematic doors, all of them worthy representatives of Gothic art for the expressiveness of his sculptures and the pointed arches. But that is not all, since inside you will find a fabulous seating, which is occupied by the choir of the cathedral. We can also highlight the altar, of unmatched majesty, as well as the paintings that adorn its walls. For this reason, if you want to have a better knowledge of its structure and the works that are hosted there, I recommend purchasing a guided tour on its website.

2. In León

It is undoubtedly one of the most representative cathedrals of Gothic art. It has 3 facades, which display sculptures such as the Virgen del Dado, San Froilán, patron of the diocese and the Virgen Blanca. On the main façade its large rose window is quite striking, but the most interesting thing about this place, apart from the towers and its height, are the extensive lateral and upper sectors, where the different stained glass windows provide visitors with a tone diversity throughout the day, to the extent that light is filtering through them.

3. In Seville

Another of the most representative jewels of this artistic trend is found in the city of Seville. It is the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa María de la Sede, very famous internally for the great construction made for the choir and choir, a wonderful organ and the large polychrome wooden altarpiece It is located on the back wall of the cathedral, which has more than 200 carved figures of saints in its entirety.

The exterior of the cathedral is not far behind, as it has three facades in which Gothic art is presented on the different doors. Sculptures such as those of the apostles, the birth and baptism of Christ are protagonists, since the detail and purity of the structural elements impact the visitor and cause both interest and desire for knowledge about the history of the place.

4. In Burgos

One of the most complete constructions is that of the Burgos Cathedral. So if you rented your car in Madrid, it is worth making the journey there, because the art that is appreciated inside its chapels will surprise you, as will its domes, wall paintings and altarpieces, which tell stories that leave believers speechless and not believers.

Both inside and outside, this cathedral is to marvel, because in addition to having amazing archivolts and large volume sculptures, it houses the tomb of Cid Campeador and that of his wife.

5. In Ávila

Considered the first Gothic cathedral in Spain, this construction has majestic portals decorated with scenes that transport its visitors to important passages of the Bible Or surprise them with the fine carved roses and flowers in their archivolts. Inside you can see a neat and worked sacristy, a store dedicated to Bishop Alonso de Madrigal, the carved wooden choir chairs, beautiful stained glass windows and sculptures where the most extraordinary is the expressiveness and details of the actors' clothing of the works.

This artistic style is said to have started in France and spread across the continent to countries such as Spain, England, Germany and Italy. Therefore, if you liked this article, you can take advantage of your time in Europe to learn how this trend developed in these countries. If you have already visited one of them and want to make a recommendation, you can tell your experience by leaving a comment.

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