Sooma National Park in Estonia

Located in the southwest of the country, the Soomaa National Park it has an extension of about 400 square kilometers. In this space we can find a great variety of natural ecosystems, from swamps, rivers, forests and wetlands with a great variety of native flora and fauna.

It was created with the aim of protect wildlife of the natural ecosystems it houses. In its marshes and forests, around two hundred species of plants, shrubs and trees coexist, and a lot of native reptiles, birds and mammals.

Great diversity of fauna and flora

Soomaa National Park is the tourist destination of nature most important of the Baltic countries. It will give you a great opportunity to discover true wonders: meandering rivers, meadows and swampy forests. When spring arrives the park is flooded in a spectacular way, a phenomenon that has been called “the fifth season”.

Between the animal species The most interesting you can find in Soomaa are the golden eagles, black storks, owls, woodpeckers, and various species of wading birds. You can also come across elk, wild boar, beavers, wolves, lynx and brown bears.

Given its great beauty and natural interest, Sooma National Park receives more than 45,000 visitors per year, of which 10% comes from other countries. Admission is free. In its surroundings you will find alternatives to stay, as well as restaurants and other hospitality establishments.

A place to enjoy

The park has a visitors Center in which you can find all the practical information necessary to fully enjoy your excursions through the Soomaa park. In fact it is recommended to do the recommended tours; more than ten trails that will take you around the park.

In addition to hiking, other recreational activities can be done in the park. For example, canoeing through the Kuresoo swamp, one of the most important in the country. Or do snowshoe trails in winter, observe the great variety of birds that exist, etc.

Soomaa National Park, Estonia - The Land of Bogs HD (November 2020)

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