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Guimaraes It was the first capital of Portugal. It is known for being the birthplace of the Portuguese nation. The reason for this is that it was the birthplace of the first king of Portugal, Don Afonso Henriques, and many important events that led to the country's independence occurred in Guimaraes.

The city is a great place to to visit. It has a historical center with many old houses and monuments. This historic center was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its haughty and majestic castle dates from the 12th century. The entire center is very well preserved and the streets Narrow streets of the medieval quarter, lined with old houses, embellished balconies and statues, take visitors to the beautiful main square, Largo da Oliveira.

The Palace of the Dukes of Bragança (XV century), the magnificent monastery and the Nossa Senhora da Oliveira church (with the Alberto Sampaio Museum located in the beautiful Romanesque cloister), the 14th century Padrão do Salado (a Gothic sanctuary) or the elegant San Francisco church, are just some of the many monuments that can be admired during the visit.

About 5 km from the city, there is the old monastery Santa Marinha da Costa (12th century) which is one of the most sumptuous pousadas in the country, with its gardens and chapel open to the public. The Iron Age settlement of Citânia de Briteiros 15 km north of Guimaraes, is one of Portugal's most interesting archaeological destinations. During the first week of August the Gualterian festivals.

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