Hampstead Heath Park in London

Among the many wonders that you can find in London, undoubtedly its parks are the most important. Authentic natural surroundings in the heart of the city that allow you to escape from the constant hustle and plunge into a new world that seems impossible to be inside a great capital with as much traffic and traffic as London is. Any of its parks is the perfect place to escape from the madding crowd.

One of those places is the Hampstead Heath Park, which is perfect to spend a quiet day just taking a walk, lying on the grass to rest for a while or taking a bike tour. It is on the outskirts of the city, in a fantastic environment since it covers part of a hill, making the landscape practically unmatched and from there you will also have spectacular views of the city center.

It occupies more than 300 hectares and in it you can have a unique feeling of freedom thanks to its multiple trails, gardens, forests, lakes ... There you will see a lot of people riding horses, cycling, playing soccer or having a picnic, in addition to several Sometimes events such as concerts or theatrical performances are held, so you will never get bored.

Being such a huge park, if you don't have a good sense of direction it will be easy for you to get lost, so try get a map when you arrive so you don't have to go a thousand times to find anything or to be able to leave whenever you want. It is highly recommended to go through the Kenwood house, a small museum in which there is a very interesting collection of paintings. There you can also have a soft drink, a coffee or a snack to enjoy a little rest after so much walking.

Hampstead Heath Park in London (November 2023)

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