The 10 most beautiful villages in Morocco

Thinking about Morocco As a tourist destination we often fall into the mistake that only Marrakesh and its famous souk are worth visiting. However, the African country closest to Europe has much more to offer tourists, since throughout its geography there are spectacular towns.

Of the 10 most beautiful I will talk to you next, so take note if you are thinking of doing a route through Morocco. Some of them are on the coast and are ideal for relaxing, but there are also them in the desert or in the mountains. Shall we start?


It is a destiny that is setting very fashion in Morocco, something that is not surprising considering the beaches there. It allows you to run away from the unbearable summer heat by taking a dip in a coastal area where music icons such as Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley were seen. In addition, I also recommend walking through its narrow streets, which will allow you to see the houses painted in blue and red so characteristic of Essaouira.

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Located on the north coast and bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, Asilah is a town with a lot of history It has become one of the most frequented by those seeking a sun and beach vacation. Their houses are painted white and that inevitably leads us to make comparisons with those of the Greek islands. In addition, in the months of August you have the possibility to enjoy the Arts Festival that is held every year there, which naturally brings together important musicians and artists wanting to demonstrate their talent.


In the north of Morocco, in the Rif Mountains, this town does not go unnoticed by the large number of houses painted in blue and white. On the other hand, there are those who arrive there with the desire to know how they are spent in the Moroccan capital of cannabis. The views of the town are spectacular from below, but also from above. Without a doubt, a place that you should not miss if you are in Tangier, since it is just over 100 kilometers away.


It is one of those beautiful coastal towns in Morocco, although it is in the south and is not usually as well known as those in the north. This translates into a much lower number of tourists and in a landscape much more virgin and desert. That is something that you will like if you are looking for tranquility, but it can also disappoint you if you are looking for an atmosphere. The town itself is very traditional and in its old town you will find many more accommodation options than on the seafront.

Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima is perfect for those who do not want to solve the beach and mountain dilemma, since it has both. It is hooked to rif mountains and it has isolated coves where you can enjoy a bath in crystal clear waters. You can get there by a coastal road from Tetouan or Chefchaouen.


It is a small town located in the desert, on the outskirts of Erg Chebbi. We could say that it is the gateway to the heart of the huge Sahara desert, a place to feel like a real Bedouin. The option of moving on the back of a camel is the most recommended of all, since the dunes and the intense heat do not promote a pleasant walk, but rather the opposite.

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This town is probably the most curious in all of Morocco. Why? Well, because it is an imitation of a typical Swiss mountain village. It is very modern and located in the Atlas Mountains, which explains why there are occasional snowfalls that make it even more like a Swiss town. In addition to surprising the architecture of their houses, it is also striking the large number of parks and gardens in Ifrane.

Sidi Kaouki

This other coastal town is about 30 kilometers from Essaouira and is characterized by being very frequented by Moroccan families who want to spend their summer holidays near the beach. If you choose the north you will bathe in rocky beaches, while in the south you will find sandy beaches that are more suitable for swimming, but which are neither as virgin nor as wild. Of course, keep in mind that the wind usually blows strongly in the afternoon, so it is recommended that you go in the morning.

Jebel Toubkal

This town is located on the highest peak in Morocco. In fact, it is the highest town in all of North Africa. They are nothing more and nothing less than 4,167 meters high for being at the top of the massif of the Atlas.You can get to Jebel Toubkal and return to Imlil in one day, although it is best to take it easy and spend two or three days.


Last but not least, Saïdia offers you the possibility of enjoying the Mediterranean Sea being on the border that divides Morocco and Algeria. There is a natural bird reserve and some beaches that justify any trip. In addition, you have the possibility to taste the best seafood in the area in some of its restaurants.

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