The best and most beautiful caves in the world

When you have traveled a lot or are looking for different destinations, a good option is visit caves. They are destinations that may seem a bit strange, but the truth is that throughout the world there are many caves that have a great beauty and what are they unique. It is not about caving or any other adventure or risk activity. Many of them can be visited and even traveled by boat to discover all their beauty. And what top and the most beautiful caves in the world? Here we make a selection that includes international and national destinations.


One of the most beautiful caves in the world, especially for sea lovers, is the call Blue Grotto. This cave is located on the coast of the Capri Island, in Italy, and is characterized because inside it seems that the sea East illuminated Below the water.

This cave allows you to enjoy some unrivaled views when observing a color blue impressive, which is due to another opening in the grotto that is completely submerged and located at the bottom of the limestone. Thus, the light and create that lighting effect from below.

In this cave, the echo and the sonority what's wrong with it. They are characteristics that can be enjoyed whenever the waves allow it, since it is accessed by boat.

Different landscape and much more icy, but equally impressive, is the one that offers the call Mendenhall Glacier Cave, which is in Alaska. This cave is characterized by being on a glacier, which has a length of about 19 kilometers.

This cave, in the Valley Mendenhall, has a protected area, which is called Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area, which is a federal area of ​​the Tongass National Forest. If you like cold and ice, it is certainly a destination 10.

And very surprising and peculiar is the Muntovsky volcano cave. Although it seems a lie, it really exists. This cave is located in an area with a very peculiar landscape, since the Kamchatka peninsula is full of volcanoes and cover of ice.

It is a somewhat strange combination and generates a very striking landscape during many months of the year. And is that volcanoes spit fire without warning, but at the same time there is a thick layer of ice. This causes the lava heat to run currents from Hot water that pierce the ice and form some striking caves of white roof and ice cream. All this is accompanied by the passage of solar rays, which provide a touch of natural light white, but at the same time somewhat dying.

In Spain

Within Spain there are also caves of great beauty that allow a first contact with this type of tourism. For example, one of the best destinations is Cantabria, which houses numerous caves such as the Altamira.

But there are many more proposals like El Soplao, which was discovered in the early 20th century as a result of an exploitation of the mines in Florida. This cave is considered a great geological wonder on an international level. Of it, formations stand out, called ‘eccentric’, which are on the floors, ceilings, walls ... To this is added the charm of the somewhat peculiar forms adopted by stalactites, columns, castings ...

The Valporquero caves, in Lion, are another of the wonders of Spain. They are formed by seven galleries in which you can see different structures, apart from being able to access the watercourse. In addition, thanks to its lighting, a magical setting and that seems totally unreal.

In Spain, there are still other options. For example, Caves of Drach, in Majorca. These caves are some of the largest on the island at 2,400 meters in length and a maximum depth of 25 meters below the surface. Within them, there are wonders like Martel lake, which is one of the largest in the world and can be explored by boat.

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