Visit the Lower East Side of Manhattan

NY It is one of those cities that everyone wants to visit at least once in a lifetime. A city with so many attractions and so many places to visit that not even those who live there can say that they know and have been to each of its corners. One of its most interesting areas is the Lower East Side, which years ago was the largest Jewish community in the world and which today is known for being a place that houses large and varied shops and delicious food.

It is one of the best areas of purchases from the city, especially if you are looking for bargains. Touring Orchard Street You will find numerous stores, especially clothing and footwear and all of them with very good prices. In the adjacent streets there are also many shops with household items such as decorative items, lighting or bedding. It is as if it were a flea market but in stores instead of at street level stalls.

I do not recommend that you go on a Saturday as almost all stores close that day as they are Jewish owners and thus comply with the tradition of the Sabbat. The best day to go is Sunday as they all come back with energy after a day of rest and you can also find the freshest products in any restaurant, shop or street stall. The Lower East Side is a neighborhood in which there is a spectacular mix of atmospheres thanks to all the ethnic groups and cultures that have inhabited it throughout its history.

But in this neighborhood, not everything is shopping and food, there are many more things you can do and other types of places to visit. Very interesting is the Tenement Museum, which is in a typical old building and tells the story of immigration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Formerly it housed immigrants who lived in it, and now you can take a tour of several of the apartments, which continue to be preserved as they were at the time.

There is also the New Museum, located on Bowery Street and which has a room dedicated to the least known contemporary art in the city. This place was the first building in midtown Manhattan to be built for the purpose of being a museum and there are also free tours to discover all the details of it.

New York City - Video Tour of the Lower East Side of Manhattan (Part 1) (November 2023)

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