The Roman wall of Lugo, the only one that remains intact throughout the world

I can think of many reasons why I would recommend spending a vacation in Galicia. Its beaches are spectacular and there are landscapes that leave you breathless. In addition, in its geography we find beautiful cities and towns that are worth knowing calmly.

One of the most recommended places is Lugo, which maintains its Roman wall whole, something they can't say anywhere else on the planet. It has become one of its main tourist attractions and the truth is that it does not surprise me.

A very well preserved legacy

Legend has it that the wall was not erected to protect the city, but that the objective was to defend the «Augustus Sacred Forest«, Which in Latin is known as« Lucus Augusti ». Hence the name of the city.

It is fantastic that it is kept in perfect condition because we are talking about a construction that has more than 17 centuries old. It is not as big as the Great Wall of China, but it is more than two kilometers long that are not negligible, in addition to 10 doors to access the interior. It should also be said that it preserves 71 of the 85 towers that it had in its day and that you can go up to the top to contemplate beautiful views of the city.

In 2000 it was named World Heritage by Unesco. Touring it is like taking a walk through Roman times, the same thing that can be said when looking at the thermal baths or the Santa Eulalia de Bóveda archaeological site.

Its 10 doors

The names of all the 10 doors are as follows: Puerta de Santiago, Puerta del Obispo Aguirre, Puerta del Campo Castelo, Puerta de San Pedro, Puerta de la Estación, Puerta Falsa, Puerta de San Fernando, Porta Nova, Puerta del Obispo Odoario and Puerta Miñá or del Carmen. I encourage you to see them all because they all have their charm.

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The Roman Walls of Lugo, Spain (August 2022)

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