Visit Asunción in Paraguay

The city of Our Lady of the Assumption It is one of the favorite destinations of all those who travel to South America, a very complete and characteristic city in the south of the continent but without having the hustle and bustle that other large capitals such as Buenos Aires have. It is the capital of Paraguay and also the largest and most populous city, there you will find the Government headquarters, the main port and practically all the main industries in the country.

In AssumptionAs the city is commonly called, you can find a wide variety of tourist attractions, as well as a very varied architecture in which you can see both colonial buildings and others much more modern and functional. With almost half a million inhabitants, in Asunción both Spanish and guaraní, the co-official language of the country.

You do not need much time to visit the city in detail to see the most interesting, and in 2 or 3 days you will have seen everything and thus be able to enjoy other places in Paraguay that are also very interesting. Take note of the places of interest in Asuncion:

Main square: It is very beautiful, especially in October since it is when spring comes and all the flowers begin to bloom. In the surroundings you find several bars and shops.

Government Palace: It was designed with a clear inspiration from the Louvre Museum style and is where the most important government decisions are made. The Palace furniture was commissioned directly from France to make its similarity to the Louvre even more real.

Metropolitan Cathedral: It is the most important cathedral in the country and it also has a museum where you can enjoy the pieces of religious art that managed to survive the various warfare that took place in the region.

Andrés Bardero Ethnographic Museum: It is a museum with free admission and in it you can find indigenous crafts and various tools from the pre-Columbian period that come from various archaeological excavations that were made throughout the country.

Exploring Asunción and Ciudad de Este / Paraguay Travel Vlog 2019 (April 2021)

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