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If there is a vacation that has been triumphing in recent years, it is certainly the cruise ships. There are them with infinite destinations and durations, but they do not always have to be for a multi-day vacation or to visit a lot of cities and countries in a short time. There are also river cruises that are also spectacular and can provide us with a day of absolute relaxation in full contact with nature.

Among the many you can do of this type is the Douro cruise, one of the most beautiful rivers in all of Europe and that we have the pleasure of having in our country and also in the neighboring one since it has its mouth in Porto. It is a fantastic option that is becoming very famous in our country, so I will give you all the necessary information to see if I can convince you to become one. Take note:

- Thanks to this cruise you will be able to see spectacular scenery, towns with a lot of charm and even big cities like Salamanca and Porto. Many of the places you will discover on this fantastic trip can only be discovered by traveling on the river, so it is a unique occasion. You can also do tourism in each city where it has a stop.

- You can start it in Portugal or Spain, although they say the most beautiful and start it from Port and from there come to Salamanca. Crossing the Portuguese city you will see how the roofs seem to cascade into the river.

- About 100 kilometers after Porto you are Vila Real, a small city that is worth visiting, especially the historic center and also the most natural area since there are many vineyards and countryside.

- The next city on your cruise will be Lamego, about 40 kilometers from Vila Real and which you access while going through a spectacular landscape in which the river merges with impressive vineyards. A great mix of nature and architecture that has a lot of charm and places of great interest, especially cathedrals and castles.

- Then you will get to Salamanca, one of the options you have to conclude the trip and that it is one of the most beautiful cities in our country thanks to its spectacular historic center and all the alleys it has. Without a doubt a fantastic place for you to take advantage and stay for a couple of days. It is also very lively as it is University CitySo if you go during study time you will find a great atmosphere almost anytime, anywhere.

Portugal's River of Gold - Cruising the Douro River with Viking River Cruises (January 2024)

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