Avoid extra expenses on a trip

When we start organizing our holidays we always go round and round the budget and every detail to be able to spend the minimum but at the same time have the best comforts and benefits. Even if you have everything perfectly calculated, there is always something that can motivate you an expense that you did not count on and that will disrupt the rest of the things that you had planned to do. Today I will try to give you a little hand with that and save you extra expenses on a trip. Take note:

Airlines: The issue of luggage has changed a lot in recent times and when you could travel with two suitcases before, now you can carry only one since everything else would be charged separately. If you also need to carry several packages per person, always try to choose that option when buying the ticket, since doing so at the time of checking in is much more expensive.

Currency exchange: Almost all banks charge you a surcharge every time you use the card abroad, in addition to when you change currency they also charge you a surcharge for doing so. Try to change all the money before you leave here as your trusted bank will always be more reliable than anywhere you are along the way. If you are going to withdraw money from an ATM, keep in mind that they charge you 3% of the amount withdrawn, so calculate so that you do not have to withdraw several times.

Rental cars: Analyze all the points well before hiring it, since in many cases the provider of your travel insurance or your credit card usually covers the damage caused by an accident with a rental car. When you hire the rental days make sure you return it within the deadline because in almost all companies they charge you a whole day if you delay an hour in delivery. Fill the gas tank before returning the car because if it is missing, not only will they charge you less gasoline but you will have to pay a penalty for not having done it yourself.

Cut Your Holiday Expenses In Half With These Extreme Travel Tips | Extreme Cheapskates (January 2021)

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