Golden Gate, the famous San Francisco bridge

In many articles that I wrote earlier I already made clear my love for U.S and how much I would like to be able to take a car and go all over it to discover all those fascinating places that we all see in series and movies. One of the places I most want to step on, or go through, is the Golden gate, famous bridge that is on San Francisco and that there is not a single place where an image of the city comes out and he does not.

The Golden gate bridge It is a suspension bridge that is in the San Francisco Bay, in the state of California, and that unites this city with the south of Marin. It bears that name because it is built on a strait that is called that, and translated into Spanish it becomes the golden gate bridge. An essential visit if you visit the city since the views that are in the distance are spectacular, and once you look at the horizon and the view reaches you to infinity, or at least it is what I have been told that I have not yet I have visited.

You may visit the golden gate By bike, there are many places to rent them, especially at Pier 39 (on the pier). The bike is an ideal option to visit the entire bay, and also with it you can cross the bridge without problems. On the way back, if you do not feel like pedaling, you can take a ferry and enjoy the same views but with more intensity since you will not worry about traffic. If you are going to do this, it is recommended that you take something warm because it usually refreshes in that area, as it is known that the sea is almost always cold.

Once on the bridge you can see the entire city of San Francisco and also the small island where the Alcatraz prison and which is called the Alcatraz Island. If you are a photography lover you will get authentic works of art both from the bridge and from its surroundings. Fully charge the battery!

What Do You Know About the Golden Gate Bridge? (November 2023)

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