Eating in Galicia

It is increasingly fashionable gastronomic tourism and many people when choosing a destination for their holidays take into account the gastronomy of the place. In this sense, if there is a destination in Spain that takes the cake it is, without a doubt, Galicia, since everyone knows that Galician delicacies are famous throughout the world. Mainly it is based on seafood due to the fishing tradition of the Community, although it has all kinds of dishes.

Of course I start with him shellfish, whether you like it or not, you should at least try something if you are going to eat in Galicia. Barnacles, crabs, spider crab, scallops, scallops ... a whole range of aquatic species that when they come to your mouth well cooked become one of the most exquisite delicacies you will ever have eaten. In addition to seafood, two of its most traditional dishes are wonderful: Galician soup (incredibly good even if it is summer) and the octopus, which can be cooked in many ways although the most famous, and rich, is Polbo á feira. The Lacon with turnip tops and the Galician pot will make you sweat while you eat them but they are there to re-eat the plate and not be embarrassed when doing it.

In Galicia you can also eat many varieties of fish, such as turbot or hake, cooked "Galician style" and also many meats and of a very good quality and flavor. To accompany that succulent meal, the best is a typical Galician wine, Ribeiro or Alvariño, white wines that you take in a special cup or if not in a glass, and also do not see how they enter, when you realize you have already drunk three bottles. If this were your case, hold on tight when you get up because although it does not seem like it while you drink, it goes up that you do not see. If you are going to have a pinchito, you can try any range of Galician cheese, especially tetilla cheese or some fresh local cheese, which are delicious at any time.

For dessert, a Santiago's cake, gingerbreads or almonds. And if it is Carnival time, ears and pancakes. Delicious. Of course, a piece of Galician empanada is good at any time of the day.

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