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Increasingly, Travellers who wake up in a nice hotel bed decide, when they return home, to decorate their rooms like the ones in the hotel they have been on during their wonderful vacations. A few days ago, the Swiss luxury hotel chain Swissotel announced the launch of its first online store. In this curious store, buyers will be able to purchase bedding, bathrobes, etc. used in Hotels.

They can also be purchased articles Swissotel branded decorations such as silk cups, candles or scarves. The store aims to compete against some of the large companies in the accommodation industry that already sell their own products within its facilities. ShopMarriott, the online retailer of Marriott and JW Marriott products, sells pillows, blankets and mattresses.

Hilton offers in HiltonToHome, the sale of bedding, beds and other items such as bathroom accessories and some electronic devices. Hilton's catchphrase is something like "Traveling is transforming the style of your home." The fans of W HotelsA world-class urban brand, they can buy everything from beds to jewelry to bags at their W store. They also don't forget luxury items and include cashmere masks and specialty pillows.

Fairmont It is another hotel chain that proposes to its clients to take the best to be able to remember at home everything that has been lived during the holidays. Hyatt at Home offers everything from luxury spa items to suitcase sets, while hotels Omni They also offer to buy your sheets and duvets.

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