Hypoallergenic hotel rooms

The hotel Four Seasons Chicago has inaugurated a new suite that for sure, enchants all those who have some type of allergy. With a strange mix between the presidential suite and the royal suite, it has just been made available to everyone, the first hypoallergenic suite. Currently there are hotels that already offer their guests standard rooms specially designed for all those who have this type of problem but, until now, there has been no suite of these characteristics.

The suite has been designed by Pierre Yves Rochon, who has assured that this project has enchanted him mainly due to the fact that allergic people would know how to thank him. Best of all, the room also offers exclusive guests stunning views of the lake Michigan. Pure solutions, is a company that has specialized in creating rooms free of allergens.

In the last month, several «PURE Allergic Friendly«. These are distributed in Texas, Maryland, Georgia and Athens. They are able to host a third of travelers who have allergies and report it when they make their reservation at the hotel. The Hilton Arlington, became the first hotel in the chain, in that city, which offered allergy-free rooms.

James Shandor, General Manager of Hilton Arlington, commented that the opening of the PURE rooms has been an excellent idea since it has allowed them to expand and maintain their clientele. PURE has carried out a study in which the data is very revealing: there are 3,7 millions of particles that can produce different allergies in a normal hotel room. In PURE there are only 377,000 particles.

Dr James Maas Endorses Pure Rooms.wmv (September 2023)

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