Travel to Tuvalu

There are places in the world that you may have never heard of. This is the case of Tuvalu. Looking at it from the sky, we could say that this island is like a mirage in the middle of the vastness of the Pacific. This small island is covered by a strip of palm trees that makes it a much more mysterious.

If you decide to spend your holidays There, you should hurry since the issue of global warming worries scientists a lot since it is only 5 meters above sea level, which could make this mini-paradise disappear. Time runs slowly in the area. The sun is the only protagonist of the place and as soon as it begins to rise, you must quickly find a shadow in which to shelter.

It gets so hot in the area that sometimes it is impossible to move or think fast. Relax and enjoy the lack of hustle and bustle. Prepare to have to overtake primarily bikes and so that your feet become the best means of transportation you can find. Formerly it was known with the name of Ellice islands it has a total extension of 25 square kilometers.

Don't "skip" the nap or the spectacular sunsets. Its official currency is the Tuvalu dollar which is equivalent to about 50 cents on New Zealand. There is only one bank located in the capital, Funafuti. Forget of credit cards since only cash payment is accepted.

Traveling to the Least Visited Country in the World (June 2021)

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