Sports and activities to do in Chile

Chile, located in South America, it presents a great variety of terrains, places and environments where you can practice a wide list of activities Y sports that will surely make your trip much more interesting.

Trekking: Chile offers spectacular and long walks that go from the north of the desert of Atacama, passing through the streets of Valparaiso and reaching the peaks of the Lake District. The signage in general is not too good, so be prepared in case you get lost.

Bike: with your bicycle you can visit a lot of places such as the Austral road that goes from Puerto Montt to the south of Cochrane.

Horses: long and beautiful trips through the Andes mountains are organized from Santiago, although horse riding in the areas of Chiloé and Valle Hurtado.

Ski: In the south there are a lot of good tracks, although the facilities may be a little dated. Pucon, Antillanca and Termas de Chillán are the largest tourist centers.

Natural parks: seeing the great variety of animals that live in Chile will surely amaze you: llamas, foxes, pumas, deer, flamingos, etc. Life Marine It is also very rich and you can discover colonies of seals, sea lions and penguins all over the coast.

Rafting: south of Santiago There are excellent river areas to practice this sport.

Canoeing: in the south of Chiloé and surroundings (through the fjords of Gulf of Ancud) you will find the best routes.

Diving: You can practice in the northern area, but the best destination for diving is the island of Easter.

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