The Palacio de Mardan hotel

These days the inauguration of one of the most luxurious of the world: Mardan Palace. The spectacular opening took place in Antalya, Turkey, and all kinds of guests. Those present (approximately 600 guests) enjoyed an unforgettable evening where, in addition to being able to visit this impressive and luxurious hotel, they were able to enjoy performances by Mariah Carey, Seal and Tom Jones.

The party had clear stars: luxury, glamor and the hotel. The organizers they did not skimp on expenses: 45kg of Beluga caviar specially brought from the Caspian Sea, 950 lobsters of the Atlantic and 5kg of Black diamonds (black truffles), incredible show with laser lights and fireworks. All located around the mountains Taurus.

Mardan Palace is the first five Resort destination stars, and is regarded as the "return to opulence of the golden age of the Ottoman Empire." The palatial complex is made up of 560 rooms, including two Royal Suites with private pools. These rooms can cost 20.000$ per night in high season.

The hotel wants to be the reflection of the architecture Turkish showing for its facilities different monuments of Istanbul. This luxurious hotel resembles the Dolmabahce Palace. Guests can take a ride on the small gondolas that tour the resort facilities. Not to be missed: its huge pool, the 5 aquariums that decorate the main restaurant of the hotel and its spa. If you want to taste a hearty meal, you can do it in any of its 10 a la carte restaurants, including French, Japanese, Russian, Thai and traditional Turkish.

Video KREMLIN PALACE (May 2024)

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