Mountaineering for amateurs

Among the multitude of ways of performing travels outdoor adventure, the mountaineering it has a place of honor. Physically and mentally draining, as well as stimulating, it is possibly one of the most rewarding ways to spend a day. Supposedly, all you need to do is get to the summit in order to understand the happiness that reaching a goal sometimes almost impossible brings.

To go up to many of the most FamousYou just need to be in good health (check with your doctor) and fit, a good pair of comfortable boots, and some food and drink. Depending on the hardness of the mountain you wish to tackle, it may be a good idea to take a mountaineering course. A classic in the introduction to mountaineering is the Mont Blanc French. It is the highest peak of Europe western. The summit is over 12,000 feet. The valleys and hills surrounding the mountain offer some of the best hiking in Europe.

In the U.S you will find the Mount Olympus, in Washington State, and Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. For those seeking a more exotic experience the top of the Kilamanjaro, in Tanzania, it is the best. For now, it is also the only snowy peak in Africa. Kala Pattar in Nepal offers beginners the opportunity to get breathtaking views of the Everest.

For those who cannot upload mountains for different reasons, such as health, to tell you that these majestic mountains also have impressive views from the base.

Mount Whitney: Taking the Mountaineers Route to the Highest Peak In the Lower 48 (April 2021)

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