An unconventional hotel

Located in the city port Harlingen, in the north of Holland, is this hotel so particular that it has become one of the most unusual in the world. This curious hotel called Harbor Crane, it was a port crane that was built in 1967 and it was many years in operation loading and unloading wood.

The crane's engine room has been converted into a luxurious bedroom with room for two people alone, hanging at a height 17 meters where guests who choose to spend a night can enjoy spectacular views of the seagull-filled sky and the beautiful port of the city.

Guests arrive at the cabin-room through two elevators. The first elevator reaches a platform located between the large legs of the crane, and the second elevator reaches the engine room now converted into a luxurious bedroom equipped with the latest in technology and with very large windows.

It consists of a huge double bed, two chairs by Charles Eames, a table and a shower that has colored lights that can be adapted according to the mood. Guests will enjoy its great LCD screen Touchscreen will allow you to watch your favorite videos, or even the ones you will find in the room. A small staircase leads to the steering cabin where you can go up to have a small snack enjoying the best views.

A fantastic breakfast is included in the price. The price per night is € 319 and you have to Reserve with a minimum of 8 months in advance.

The boutique hotel CEO with an unconventional way (May 2022)

  • Harlingen
  • 1,230