Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam it is one of the most interesting countries to explore. There you will find a mix between the noisiest cities (cities where countless motorcycles surround countless cars) and bucolic landscapes where buffaloes help farmers plow their rice fields.
This country is not just the endless "Vietnam War" Exploring the remains of his imperial era, As the Temple of Literature in Hanoi and the Hue Citadel, will offer you a fascinating insight into the mix of ethnic cultures that make up the current Vietnam.

The city Ho chi minhwhich many locals still know as Saigon, has more than five million inhabitants and the city of Hanoi some four million residents. In both cities the streets are lined with shops and stalls, merchants go with their wheelbarrows and the rest of the vendors show their wares spread out on the ground. It sells everything: food with live animals, t-shirts, stamps, postcards, etc.

The restaurants They are usually very cheap. They serve excellent Vietnamese cuisine, with magnificent ingredients that are very different compared to those served in other Asian countries. There are also excellent French restaurants due to the time of the French occupation.

When you visit Ho chi minh you should not miss those Cu Chi Tunnels. There you will live a whole experience of tracking through them. You must also visit Hue, in the center of the country, since it was the capital of vietnam during the last imperial dynasty. The imperial coloring stands out in the buildings located in the Forbidden City. You cannot miss the beautiful temples.

The ONLY Travel Guide You'll Need to Vietnam (May 2024)

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